Mike Kaben's Report, Page 2

Mike Kaben's Report, Page 2

2. SFM Palma - Pont D'Inca - Inca

Unless stated otherwise I took the following pictures on 1999-10-19.

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Where now the small tree grows there was one year ago one of the two buffers of the former SFM station. Nowadays here begins a new municipal park. It covers nearly all of the former SFM station and yard area. The old station building to the left is still in use.


The new SFM tracks are next to the FS station which is on the other side of the road. You can now walk from one train to another without going the long way round. In the foreground diesel trainset 61-09 is waiting. I have come with it from Inca.

When I saw the following scene I instantly remembered your mail from 1999-09-30 . I in fact hadn't realised until this moment that the old and new pictures you sent me are showing the same subject at different times. They are too different!

This picture is taken from the end of the new platform. You can see the new trackwork as well as the new pedestrians bridge that connect the new park to the Carrer Eusebi, where the FS station is. A SFM diesel trainset from Inca is approaching.

The opposite view, taken from the new bridge. The new track is where formerly the maintenance yard was. The new park covers nearly all the rest of the former SFM estate.

A view to the other side. The building straight in the middle is completely hollowed out. I don't know, if they are going to pull it down or if they will renew the building.

The new SFM Palma station viewed through the hollowed out former SFM workshop at the Carrer Gabriel Maura.

The following three pictures were taken on 1999-10-24.

The new SFM plant near Pont D'Inca. It's next to the Verge de Lluc station, which is just a few hundred yards south from the Pont D'Inca station. Since it was Sunday, I couldn't get into the site.

A SFM diesel trainset parked in the new maintenance yard.

The old and the new Pont D'inca station buildings. The following zoom into the same photo shows probably the Verge de Lluc station.

Well, it's still hard to see and I'm not sure about my assumption.

Inca station got a new hall. They are still at work.

In the near future passengers will get directly to the trains without passing through the station building. Outside the photo to the right a new bus station is growing.

Inside the old station building: The schedule for all trains between Inca and Palma.

SFM diesel trainset 61-02 from Palma arrives at Inca. At this moment it is overrunning the switch which is permanently set to the other position. This way they use one of the double track in each direction without switching the point by hand. I've never seen this before. In Palma they are not as lazy.

After I took the train from Inca to Palma I had the opportunity to take a photo from inside the train 61-09.

The station indicator has no room for future extension to Sa Pobla. It displays the passed stations in red. The next station is blinking. Sometimes the display is inadvertently reset due to a malfunction. The display then starts again at Inca.


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