Newsletter 28th November 1999

I have just received a report from Mike Kaben who has recently returned from a holiday in Majorca during which he undertook an extensive photographic survey of the new extension of the FCM from Inca to Alcudia. He also supplied photos of the completely new FCM station layout at Palma and of the new shed at Soller on the FS. The quality of these photos is superb and I make no apologies for publishing his report in its entirety, as received - those of you who knew the FCM station at Palma will be stunned to see the scope of the changes. The old buildings were nothing special, except for the old roundhouse which was demolished many years ago. In my view the FS station is much more interesting but the new layout of the FCM looks good and is obviously much more suitable to the needs of the modern traveller. During his visit Mike also undertook a survey of the route of the disused FCM tunnel between the station at Palma and the dockside area. He has prepared maps showing the route of the tunnel under Palma and of the route of the Alcudia extension but as these are based on published maps which will undoubtedly be copyrighted I can't put them in this report. Anybody who would like to receive copies privately is welcome to e-mail me and I will make them available

We are working on Galleries of Pictures of the Soller Railway, the Soller Tramway and the disused parts of the FCM, which will appear as soon as the pages can be coded and the pictures prepared

That's all for now, folks !! Watch this site for further developments which will take place whenever new information or pictures come to hand. Any submissions of information, photos, postcards, etc., will be gratefully and enthusiastically received and if used on the site will be suitably acknowledged (as above).

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