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Celebració del 25è aniversari de la primera Marxa pel Tren de Llevant

Interesting news piece on a pressure group trying to get more routes reinstated. and some interesting photographs here..

New (2023) book on air raid shelters in Palma

During the Spanish Civil War, [1936-1939] around 130 air raid shelters were dug in Palma by public initiative to protect the civilian population from bombing by Republican aviation. Their mission accomplished and the conflict over, they closed down and fell into oblivion. Bartomeu Fiol, who lives in Palma, has studied and explored them for more [...] Read more


Old postcards can be a useful way of seeing how things have changed over the years. See here for more information.

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These links to other sites are not part of the resurrected original site, where many of the links have unfortunately died. So below are some current (as of late 2022/early 2023) links to other sites related to railways on Mallorca. [...] Read more

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These galleries contain all the visuals I've been able to recover of the original site. Most are linked in the various pages but some are 'orphaned'. Each page of archives contains 100 images. Archive-01 Archive-02 Archive-03 Archive-04 Archive-05 Archive-06 Archive-07 Archive-08 Archive-09 Archive-10

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This site is a restored replica of Barry Emmott's great site from the late 1990s and early 2000, and is no longer being updated. Many of the links may no longer work and it has not been possible to restore all the pages due to the ravages of time! It remains, however, a fantastic repository of information and images of the period. The style and [...] Read more