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These links to other sites are not part of the resurrected original site, where many of the links have unfortunately died. So below are some current (as of late 2022/early 2023) links to other sites related to railways on Mallorca.

If old city trams interest you, try these links to YouTube

Trams, trams

For many years there has been talk of a rail link from Palma city centre to the airport and this link shows the latest scheme. Will it ever be built? Who knows, but it's a neat bit of CGI!

One of serval societies interested in railways on Mallorca ius the AAFIB - Associació d'Amics del Ferrocarril de les Illes Balears, who have a FaceBook page of news and photographs.

Thanks to Tomeu Fiol Coll in Palma for these updates.

A good Flicker stream of Mallorcan trams and trains can be found here.

Barry's original web site had a large number of links to other sites, most of which have died or moved hosts. One we have 'rediscovered' is the server, and this link  and this one  will take you to the new location of a number of Mallorcan images.







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